Discrete Phase Space Methods for
Quantum Fault-Tolerance


The workshop will take place during

August 21 - 23, 2018

It will start on August 21 at noon and finish on August 23 after lunch.


You can find a detailed schedule here. A list of abstracts for the talks can be download here.

There will be plenary talks given by

Additionally, we invite the participants to submit an abstract and article draft/link to an arXiv submission with their registration. There will be a poster session on the second day where participants can present their work. Furthermore, a few submissions will be selected for 20-min-talks.

Finally, there will be a free afternoon on the second day which can be used for e.g. hiking trips or self-organised sessions.

Venue and Lodging

The workshop will take place in the Physics Centre of the German Physical Society in Bad Honnef, located in the middle rhine region in Germany. The old mansion provides single and double rooms for the participants and hosts many discussion and leisure rooms, seminar rooms, a lecture hall and a bar in the cellar.

The workshop is supported by the Excellence Initiative of the German Federal and State Governments (Grant ZUK 81). As a consequence, accomodation costs will be covered by the organisers. Note that this only includes accomodation in a shared double room. There are a limited number of single rooms available for a supplement of 25 € per night (i.e. 50 € in total). Additionally, the participants have to pay their individual travel costs.

The venue can be reached from Cologne within 45 minutes by regional train. For more information on how to reach the Physics Centre, see its website.

(Map taken from OpenStreetMap)